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Your Online Fitness Assessment comes with:

  • Pre participation health & fitness questionnaire
  • Online Physiotherapy Injury Check
  • Online Fitness & Movement Analysis
  • Detailed Report and Action Plan
  • 1 month subscription to our smart phone based training app
    • Includes 4 week personal training program specifically tailored to your needs and environment (home exercise/ local gym/outdoors).
    • Unlimited support via live chat on app or email.


Our training is usually a combination of the 4 core elements of aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise, flexibility exercises & stability exercises.

Dependent on your fitness goals we bias the training plans to include more of some and less of others and we work with you via our live chat support on our smart phone app to achieve something both you and your trainer are happy with

 What happens after 4 weeks?

At the end of your first month of training we will book you in for a 30 minute online review consultation. From here we can reassess your action plan, address issues that may have presented and update your training plan.

All our fitness plans work on a 4 week subscription basis. You can pause or cancel this at any time.

If you have had your initial assessment, fitness test and goal setting session this is the option you should select.