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Personal Training in Belfast, Holywood, Northern Ireland and Online

Whether you have specific working hours, are a parent with children and have difficulties getting a babysitter, our expert team can adapt your training to any schedule and any location, such as your gym, your workplace, your local park or anywhere near you.

Muscle strengthening, toning, strength training, get back to exercise, cardio training, getting back in shape, better performance, slimming, stress management, feeling energised are all different program goals our Fit for Life exercise and rehabilitation service can offer and design for you.

Regardless of your level of fitness, health, if you suffer from back pain or neck pain from sitting all day at work, if you have not exercised in a while because of an injury or if you want to increase your performance, we will tailor any program to your needs as well as treating any health issues you might have.

During the initial training session, a full physiotherapy and physical assessment will be done and then at regular intervals if necessary in order to monitor and assess results and to offer exercise adapted to your body, health and goals.

Previous injuries (posture, muscular imbalance), choice of various exercises (slimming, toning, stress reduction) as well as necessary treatments to prevent recurring injuries (stretching, massage, diet, tutorial for correct use of fitness equipment): all those components are taken into account.

Because our Belfast based personal trainer is also a physiotherapist, he is able to carry out recovery treatments (therapeutic massage, stretching, etc) during or after a session so that each session is optimal.

You can therefore carry on training and achieve any goals with the safety of knowing you will be treated by a professional in case of injury and your progress will not be hindered.

This is the best possible condition for optimal training.

We want to offer best possible training associating the best coaching techniques, motivation and medical care. Our Northern Ireland based team will work on the physical as well as psychological wellbeing and keep you motivated.

By following our program, results are guaranteed.