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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) Belfast

During the natural healing process from an injury the body’s natural reaction is to create scar tissue and inflammation.  Scar tissue does not heal in a linear fashion to that of the muscle. It heals in the fastest way possible, which can give you the ‘crosshatch’ effect, creating adhesions of scar tissue within the muscle which can cause pain and limited motion.

The purpose of IASTM is to ‘realign’ this scar tissue to the natural linear fashion of the muscle, much the same as sports massage. The IASTM is used to introduce controlled microtrauma to the soft tissue area to stimulate a local inflammatory response.

This initiates the re-absorption of excessive scar tissue, and the remodelling of the soft tissue structure that was affected is facilitated.  After this treatment and the remodelling of the scar tissue, the cells will become organised to better promote movement.

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Benefits of IASTM

  • Improved tissue extensibility
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Decreased scar tissue formation
  • Speeds up recovery time
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Conditions IASTM Can Help With

At Fit For Life we use IASTM techniques as part of our integrated treatment to facilitate the healing process, reduce pain and improve soft tissue function and range of motion (ROM).

Various conditions that may benefit from the application of IASTM techniques may include:

Tendonitis and tendinopathy

Ligament sprains

Plantar fasciitis

Scar tissue from surgery or trauma

Myofascial pain

Musculoskeletal imbalance

James said...

John great physio, simple, streamlined and not complicated treatment for hamstring injury with measured and attentive responses to questions and queries. John is very encouraging and keeps the momentum going from week to week, which is much appreciated. Highly recommend for good physio advice, treatment, straightforward feedback and more. Thanks John!

Christine said...

I found Steven at Fit for Life extremely knowledgeable and proactive when treating my injury. My injury was pinpointed quickly, a treatment plan developed and following my sessions at the clinic I was provided with a number of exercises to continue my rehabilitation in my own time and Steven was always happy to offer advice and support during this process.

The service throughout was excellent and I would highly recommend Fit For Life Physiotherapy!

Yvonne said...

Professional, caring and very good value for money….. Lindsey is absolutely brilliant and knows exactly how to help with pains and aches, almost healing hands…..thank you.

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