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Treatment for stress-related disorders, muscular tension, and injury.

At Fit For Life NI, we often include massage as part of our integrated treatment to ensure muscular symptoms are targeted from every angle and remedied as quickly as possible. Massage also offers an after-care preventative approach to ensure pain does not recur.

We combine hands-on approaches with rehabilitation programs and self-help schemes to help reduce pain and stress, increase levels of flexibility and improve muscular performance.

Manipulation of the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using a variety of relaxing and therapeutically beneficial massage techniques which range in depth, direction and rhythm such as effleurage, wringing, skin rolling and kneading.
Recovery massage increases the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid, assisting in the body’s natural healing process, speeding waste removal. Swelling and inflammation associated with physical activity is also reduced.
Areas of abnormality or tension are identified and appropriate strategies are used to normalise the tissue. Regular deep tissue massage can achieve remarkable results in terms of reduced pain and stress levels, increased levels of flexibility not to mention improved muscular performance.

Our clinic is currently closed. WE ARE RUNNING ONLINE PHYSIOTHERAPY, EXERCISE AND NUTRITION APPOINTMENTS. For more information visit our ONLINE CLINIC section.