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Rehabilitation Services Belfast. We understand that it can sometimes be a chore to keep up your exercise plans. In light of this, we created the Fit For Life NI Rehabilitation services.

During our time working as specialist physiotherapists, we have noticed the same recurring patterns; clients that continue with their rehabilitation exercises even after pain has resolved almost never have to come back, and those that don’t sometimes do.

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All our rehabilitation protocols are:

  • Supervised training sessions in our state-of-the-art training facility
  • Specific to both you and your injury.
  • Evidence based using the latest research in sport and exercise medicine.
  • Digital using our smartphone training app which will provide you with video demonstrations of each exercise
  • Monitored via our training app allowing instant messaging if you have any questions. We respond to any questions within 24hrs (though we often reply much sooner)
  • Progressive with training frequency, volume and intensity progressed when deemed appropriate.
  • Holistic, ensuring we make you stronger, fitter and healthier with the peace of mind that you’ve done everything to can to fully recover from your injury.
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Rehabilitation Experts

At Fit For Life we want our patients to have long term results that make a genuine change to our patients lives.

Our physiotherapists can provide you with the expertise, support and motivation to make this the case.

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Fit For Life NI currently focuses our rehabilitation services in 4 specific categories.

If you don’t feel you fit into any of the categories below please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

1. Injury Prevention

Whether recovering from injury or trying to prevent reoccurrence, this service will provide you with the best chance of staying pain free long term.

2. Pre & Post Surgical Rehab

We have established links with a number of Northern Ireland’s top orthopaedic surgeons. If you are scheduled for surgery soon or are now in the post-operative stage, we will be able to supervise your rehab working closely with your surgeon’s advice.

3. Sport Specific Rehab

All our team are passionate about sports and we understand only too well that the demands of sport are ever increasing. Our sport specific rehab service combines strength & power, speed and endurance , flexibility & stability and cardiovascular training methods to ensure a safe graduated return to sport.

4. Care of the Elderly

The covid-19 crisis has given us all a greater appreciation of the need for us to maintain our health and fitness into our older years. That’s why at Fit For Life NI we have created our Elderly Rehabilitation Services. These services have been created for the active older person as well as clients who live in care homes.

Our specialist physiotherapists use both the latest scientific research as well as our state-of-the-art gym facilities to provide the gold standard of rehabilitation.

We are also able to provide rehab at your home or care home. Our aim is to increase your strength, balance and mobility. This ultimately leads to an increase in function and independence as well as a decrease risk of falls. Contact us today to discuss these services further.

Our care of the elderly rehab services include:

  • Prevention of injury and fractures including a fall prevention programme
  • Improvement of strength, movement and mobility through exercise programmes
  • Osteoporosis Programmes – specific for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis

We also find that our massage or acupuncture services for relaxation and pain relief can greatly help the quality of life of those entering the latter stages of life.

Catherine said...

Steven superb physio. Went today as had pain on hip for 4 wks. He was able to pinpoint the problem. With my stretch exercises hes given me and rest from running i hope to be pain free. Professional guy who knows his stuff.

Christine said...

I found Steven at Fit for Life extremely knowledgeable and proactive when treating my injury. My injury was pinpointed quickly, a treatment plan developed and following my sessions at the clinic I was provided with a number of exercises to continue my rehabilitation in my own time and Steven was always happy to offer advice and support during this process.

The service throughout was excellent and I would highly recommend Fit For Life Physiotherapy!

Symi said...

John Quigg has been fantastic in helping prepare my shoulder for surgery. I have been to lots of physiotherapists in the past who have given me an almost impossible amount of exercises to do. John explained clearly the areas my shoulder is weak in and gave me a more focused and manageable set of exercises. I was able to keep on top of these and as a result I experienced less pain and my shoulder felt much stronger

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