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The Big Problem With Post Op Rehabilitation

22 August 2022 - Uncategorised

Having seen 100’s of people coming through our doors at Fit For Life NI over the years for post-operative care, we see a wide range of attitudes from our patients as to what is required after surgery to gain the best possible outcome.

Indeed, more than just surgical patients, for literally every condition we see, where there is an element of rehab required, most people do not understand the concept fully.

Commonly people feel that their operation is ‘the cure’ and whilst in some cases very little post-op care may be required in most cases the opposite is the case. In fact without proper post operative care your outcome can often be worse.

As physiotherapists this is our area of expertise. We are here to find the issues with strength, flexibility and joint stability that caused your problems in the first place and then retrain and educate you on how to ensure they don’t come back!

At Fit For Life NI we have an entire section of our company dedicated to ‘Rehabilitation’. We offer areas of focus in ‘Post Surgical Rehab’, Elderly Rehab, Injury Prevention and Sport Specific care. We also offer functional fitness based exercises classes designed to keep you strong and FIT FOR LIFE.

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